Treatment of common medicinal liquor – cold

Treatment of common medicinal liquor – cold

– Kushen wine – formula: 5 grams of Sophora flavescens, 3 grams of Campanulaceae, 10 grams of Radix isatidis, 250 grams of white wine.

  Production method: mash the top 3 herbs, combine them in the gauze bag, tie the mouth tightly, put it in the casserole with the liquor, and cook it with a simmer for 10?
15 minutes, even the pouches were poured into the jar and sealed for use.
  Efficacy and Indications: Detoxification, heat and phlegm.

For the prevention and treatment of influenza.

  Dosage: Oral 5 during the spring and autumn season or the flu epidemic?
10 ml, 3 times a day; or 2 per day?
Take 5 ml of wine 3 times and add boiling water 50?
100 ml, rinse mouth.

  Note: Those who do not drink alcohol can swab their nostrils with a cotton swab and alcohol, and can also prevent colds.

  - Sunflower wine – recipe: 100 grams of sunflower seeds and leaves collected in autumn, 300 ml of white wine.

  Method of preparation: mash the sunflower seeds, chop the leaves, and immerse them in the wine. You can take them after 2 weeks.

  Efficacy and Indications: Dispel the evil.

For a cold headache.

  Method: 3 times a day, 5 times each time?
10 ml.

  Note: This party is a folk prescription.

Those who do not drink alcohol can also take it in water.

  - Peppercorn wine-formulation: 50 peppers, 15 grams of arborvitae leaves, 500 ml of white wine.

  Production method: the pepper, the arborvitae leaves are smashed, put into the bottle, poured into the liquor (45 degrees), sealed soaked, often shaken, can be taken after half a month.

  Efficacy and Indications: Xin Wen Shu table, antipyretic and pain relief.

Applicable to the four-time plague, cold and fever, headache.

  Dosage: In the season of respiratory and digestive tract infectious diseases, drink 10 times a day on an empty stomach?
20 ml.

  Description: This wine is a folk prescription and can be used to prevent influenza.

  - Cinnamon – Formula: 6 grams of cinnamon and 20 grams of rice wine.

  Production method: warm the yellow wine, mix the cinnamon and the yellow wine and mix thoroughly.

  Efficacy and Indications: Wenyang is cold.

For exogenous cold, body cold and pain.

  How to use it: When you have a cold, warm up.

  Description: This wine can be yang deficiency and cold, and the wind and heat are not allowed.

  - Sangju wine – formula: 30 grams of mulberry leaves, 30 grams of chrysanthemum, 10 grams of mint, 30 grams of forsythia, 35 grams of reed rhizome, 20 grams of platycodon, 10 grams of licorice, 30 grams of almonds, 1000 grams of rice wine.

  Production method: Each medicine is finely wrapped, wrapped in a gauze bag, placed in a wine vessel, and sealed with wine for 1 week.

  Efficacy and Indications: Wind temperature and cold start, the disease is in the upper focus, the fever is not heavy, the slight evil wind, coughing and stuffy nose, mouth and thirst.

  Dosage: 15 ml each time, morning and evening.

  Description: This wine is mainly used to treat the onset of wind-heat cold, so the prescription is based on Xin Liang Jie.

The main manifestation of wind-heat flu is fever, not aversion to cold, or micro-evil; dry mouth and sore throat, red tongue, thin yellow tongue coating, pulse to float.