[Cream Coconut Shortbread-One Day Father ‘s Day is specially made for Dad]_Cream Coconut Shortbread 1Customized methods_Special methods_Special methods_Cream Coconut Cookies

[Cream Coconut Shortbread-One Day Father ‘s Day is specially made for Dad]_Cream Coconut Shortbread 1Special Practice Daquan _ Creamy Coconut Crisp Cookies

Creamy coconut crispy cookies One by one today ‘s father ‘s day is very simple. The ingredients needed are very common. It ‘s a very delicious home-cooked meal. It does n’t require a complicated process. It ‘s a mouth-watering dish.Has a high nutritional value and is suitable for all ages. Just pay attention to the heat when cooking.

1. Put milk, cream, salt and instant coconut flour into the pot and cook slowly with minimal heat.

2. Melt all the cream and boil the milk.

3, the pot is not off the fire, continue to cook on low heat, pour the flour into the pot, stir constantly, turn off the heat after mixing well.

4. After turning off the heat, dry until it is not hot.

5. Pour three eggs into three layers and mix into a thin, thin batter.

6. Take a large decorative bag and pour the batter in.

7. Prepare the baking sheet and squeeze the batter into small round cakes that are 6-7 cm in size.

Sprinkle a few grains of black sesame per cake.

Transfer to preheated oven.

8, the middle layer, heat up and down 200 degrees, roast for 15 minutes.

(The oven temperature is not absolutely standard, friends set it according to their own oven conditions.

This value is for reference only) After 9 or 5 minutes, remove it from the oven.

At this time it was already the aroma of the house.

10, posing, with milk or sesame paste, is a delicious breakfast.

The competition is fierce, many people are too tired to cope, and they have no time to cook on their own. But the practice of making coconut butter cookies on Father ‘s Day today is actually very simple. You can enjoy this delicious food even if you are busy at work.