The chief and symptoms of weight loss

The chief and symptoms of weight loss Today, when weight loss has become fashionable, there are also many young men and women who are “skeletal and thin”. They are doing everything possible to gain weight. In fact, fattening is as difficult as losing weight, even harder than losing weight. The initials of weight loss are […]

Lowering blood fat requires scraping oil

Lowering blood fat requires “scraping oil” Hyperlipidemia is an important factor in the pathogenesis of coronary heart disease and needs to be controlled. Hypertension is often easily perceived by patients, and hyperlipidemia is not easy to detect, so middle-aged and elderly people should go to the hospital to check this indicator regularly.   An important reason […]

Rejuvenation is a disease

Rejuvenation is a disease Vision improved Some of the elderly wearing glasses with reading glasses, suddenly vision improved, this anomaly is an early signal of cataract. Because when the cataract develops from the early to the middle, the lens absorbs water and expands and thickens, so that the elderly have a sense of vision improvement. […]

Is there any contraindication to the osteoarthritis diet?

Is there any contraindication to the osteoarthritis diet? Osteoarthritis is a common disease that occurs mostly in middle-aged and elderly people. Chinese medicine believes that “wind, cold, wet three gas mixed, combined as a sputum”, it can be seen that prevention and treatment of the disease should start with warm lung and spleen, hurricane dehumidification, […]